Black Hole Script

As requested...

Same files are inside the 4DC main. Be aware, that the projectile impacts the ground then calls on a system of helpers to pull the targets in. There are calls and checks in place to prevent it running in the event that the "self", target, or player is no longer valid. Most things all have comments saying what does what, as the process jumps from projectile, to unit, to helper and slides everything inside. To put it bluntly, this is the single most powerful weapon I ever created for the game. Not only did it clear up entire battlefields (including all reclaimables), it also gave the firing player all the mass / energy that was hovered up too. We even had a version that would alter the terrain as well, and could very easily turn an entire map into an ocean!

Only real limiting factor was the DoNotTargetsList was Parced (ParseEntityCategory) to filter out unwanted unit types we'd rather not suck into a Blackhole.

	DoNotTargetList = {
		-- Unit restrictions


Was looking over the script for this after 10 years and I wondered how I could write this complex script while so intoxicated.