FAF Forever Forums Issue

I am having this weird issue when trying to scroll the forums using Firefox. If I go to a sub category, such as Suggestions under General Discussion, I cannot scroll down to older topics. I can only use the double up/down arrows at the top to see either the newest or oldest topics. This happens to all of the subcategories on the forum. Their is no issue scrolling on the main categories.

This layout has some wird issues everywhere. Even more in mobile devices. For your problem in particular the simplest fix is to activate pagination in your settings.

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Ok, found the pagination settings under my forum account. Was trying to find it under my browser settings.

Another small bug, the setting for specifying more than 20 topics to view per page does not save the value. It returns to 20. I hit the save settings button, shows that it saves, navigate back to the forums, and only see 20 topics per page. Go back to the pagination setting, it is set to 20 topics per page. Tried logging off and back on. Still does not save the change.

Thanks for the help.

Have you tried updating to a newer version of Firefox? I dont have the issue that you are describing.

Running 83.0, latest version. Disabled all my addon's, restarted the browser, and the issues still continue. It is only in the sub categories (example Suggestions, Balance Discussion) the scroll issue appears. There is no scroll issue in the main categories (example General Discussion, I need help).

With the pagination setting, setting the number of topics or post per page does not save any other value than 20. I can make other changes in my account settings and they save just fine and are applied as soon as I navigate to another page.