Deconfuse Aeon SACU torso upgrades

My current rating is 1300, Aeon main.

Not a lot of players know how to use non-RAS/engi-suit SACUs. Aeon SACUs having 2 torso survivability branches is even more confusing. Yes, they are different, but do Aeon SACUs really need nano?

I don't have a replacement idea other than ACU's EMP with values adjusted for balance. Or just remove nano.

I've used Nano before, but I've never directly compared performance of the first personal shield upgrade to Nano. Nano was good for raiding, as long as you can yoyo the SACU in and out of combat, but by the time SACUs hit the field there are also T3s. It reminds me of the Nano/T2-T3 upgrades for the UEF commander, how they have their uses.