advanced AI not working in the latest patch.


i started up today 9-11-2023 after a patch. and wanted to play game vs AI. but the AI aren't doing anything anymore?
there just standing still.

i tryed few maps even the original maps from FaF, that i know they have AI markers but even does map the AI just stand still.

anyone knows why this happens, or is next patch going to fix this?

@orangerobot Were you playing with any mods?

In the Create Game screen, which Game Type did you have selected (FAF, FAF Beta Balance, FAF Develop or Nomads)?

Also, please go to client > top left menu > Show logs folder > logs > sort by Date Modified. From there, drag/drop the most recent game log file (should be of the game that you experienced this issue in) into here so those that can help (not me) have that data to look at.