Base Layer Texture and Albedo Tiling.....5K and 10km map....need help


So I have a dds image that i am using as my base texture in the lowest Layer. It opens up and fills my 5km Map 1:1 perfectly when I increase the Albedo slider to 256.....

However if I create a 10km map......that same image is tiled 4x filling on the map at a 1:4 ratio when I increase the Albedo slider to 256. So the result is 4 tiled images filling the base layer of my map.

So my question is how can I get this same image to appear 1:1 on my Base Layer on a 10km map? I've tried resizing the image 4 x larger, I tried increasing the resolution of the image and resaving matter what I do, it seems to still tile the image x 4 when the Albedo slider is maxed out to 256 on the Base Layer.

Any ideas or tricks to get it to appear 1:1 like on a 5km map?


Export the stratum settings, open the file with a text editor, change 256 to 512, save and import the updated settings.

Edit, it's going to look like garbage unless it's an extremely high resolution texture.