Keep losing my connecting ingame

Perhapos someone might know a sollution to this problem I keep having.
When i am in a multiplayer game i can play for a few second before losing my connecting. when I lose my connecting I get a popup from windows that I lost my connection with the ICE Adapter. I already gave windows an extension to not check supcom or the faf client in the firewall. Anyhow here is my ICE Adapter log ice-adapter.2023-03-27.log, If someone has any ideas on how to fix this plz tell me.

Are you on wifi? Wifi is "public spectrum", so lots of things can trash your connection: baby monitors, other wifi signals, etc. Some wifi dynamically switch the channel to avoid congestion. Your wifi might be changing channels, causing the connection to drop temporarily.

If it was a firewall issue, I would expect the session to never start.

Are other services disconnecting? You can run a continuous ping to see if its tye whole system or just faf.

ping -t will run a continuous ping to the address If the connection cuts out for the whole machine, you should see the connection fail in there

@youthenoob I don't use wi-fi, I use my powerline so that's not the problem I suspects. and indeed other services are dissconnecting however only when I run the faf client, thus faf must be the cause. thx for the advice tho.

I think I can see the problem. The powerline network connections add jitter (at best) and at worst will trash your connection. Try running an ethernet cable and see if that helps. I used a power line connection to found I had similar issues to you.

Try this website to test your connection:

FAF actually uses quite a lot of bandwidth on large games. The power line might not be a fast enough connection and what little bandwidth you have isnt enough for the other applications.

Linus did a video about the best connections.

thx, I think that should be the factor too, bing bong my powerling was to cheap.