Sorian cheating AI stopped working

So last weekend we (4 human players) played 4 AIs, 2 Sorian adaptive and 2 Sorian Aix Adaptive on Seatons clutch. So that is two cheating and two non cheating. It was not the best played game, I was eating, another guy had to answer the phone build orders were messed up blah blah. We got stomped so hard. The cheating AI was producing ships in such numbers that my gunships could not lift the seige on a player near the coast. Anyway, it was a cheating AI and it did its job.

Fast foward to three nights ago and we are playing Alpha 7 Quarantine with 8 players, 4 human vs the same combination above. I am hosting, I crash, game restarts a friend hosts. Both games were easy. We make our way to victory without much effort and note that we have had a harder time before playing vanilla using the same setup. Before we actually won, the game crashed again. Never seen crashes in FAF before, now we have two in one night.

And yesterday, we played Seatons clutch again same set up as top paragraph. We pay attention and stomp the AIs. The sorian non cheating were better than the cheating ones. The cheating ones were making masses of tier 1 fighters while we had upgraded to T3. Before, they were making naval forces (tier 2 and 3) in such numbers that if left unchecked we were not able to deal with them. Now, those cheating AIs had a poorly build base, no tier 3 factories or units, only a handful of naval units and not a single experimental.

We have played this over and over, as observers and watching the AIs fight. Its clear the AIx is broken and not functioning properly, maybe the Sorian regular is also broken. We can also see that it is the same regardless of host.

What can we do here? We have all tried redownloading the game, verify files, but its really hard to identify what has gone wrong. Our settings are all the same between matches, we just play with double resources mod and always have done.

EDIT: Last weekend we also played Shuriken island, 5 humans vs 2 cheating sorian and one regular sorian. The sheer number of naval forces and T3 bots being spat out made it an impossible game, they had artillery, experimentals etc but we managed to win. The AIs were pushing up to the doorstep of two players bases, almost wiped both players, one who was actually good at the game (lol). But that game was so much harder than our Seatons clutch last night.

@admiralakbar Are you playing on normal FAF (not faf develop)? and have you tried disabling any mods to see if the same thing happens?
Does switching the start position of the cheating and non-cheating Sorian AI change things, and are they all using the same faction? Also do you have the default 1.5 AiX resource and build modifier enabled?
I.e. It'd be strange if cheating Sorian AI performed significantly worse than non-cheating Sorian in the same slot and faction and game setup.

That said, there have been a number of changes to the default AI to fix some bugs and it is possible that this has had an impact on the Sorian AI.

@maudlin27 I am running faf as normal, no dev mode or mods or anything else.

The pattern is observed on multiple maps and positions, all maps are in FAF normally nothing was downloaded or added

I have tried to change positions, using different maps etc the AI seems to refuse to build. I dont think cheating vs non cheating is making a huge difference

Would LOUD mod interfere with the ai?

@admiralakbar If it's an issue with the Sorian adaptive AI performance more generally (rather than that the non-cheating AI performs far better than the AiX version) then I expect it's just due to flaws with the Sorian AI - try the Adaptive AI which should be a bit better, or one of the custom AI (which are significantly better):

I wouldn't have expected LOUD to impact on Sorian's performance in FAF.

If there are maps where the AI just flat out doesnt build anything (i.e. early game), then you could post the replay as there's a chance it is something easily fixed, but Sorian AI doesnt have an active developer so there's no guarantee.

Another thing to bear in mind if this is mid-late game is that unit caps can mess with the AI, but I'm assuming it's still well below the unit cap.