Supreme Commander in 2020 MAY SURPRISE YOU


I second axel on the tmm thing (it’s sooner than you think) [[SOON™ intensifies]].
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#3 5 minute setons lobbies

I can do you one better: 15 seconds. That’s tmm, baby.

And I think it goes without saying GW making a grand return would make everyone on faf’s jaw drop.

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a persistent economy where you can unlock nomads units in a fight, or just replace some units.

@Scoot Sounds interesting but I’m not quite sure what’s being said or implied there? are you saying you want to have a radically new faction dynamic/playstyle, that contrasts purposefully with the other, currently existing ones?

I think that’s an interesting idea, but what would that look like more in detail?

Oh and more importantly: who would do it? (because exotic is mainly a modeler and he’s had his fill of nomads work already.)


@axel12 I'd love to have a 2v2 ranked matchmaker


TMM is the controlled fusion of faf


don't hold out false hopes for 2x2


tmm is coming robustness i believe they are in the final stages of testing atm


TMM tests are being scheduled in the FAF Discord, anybody can help out by joining the tests when they happen.


It would be nice if something was included with FAF on say a Mod aspect, but think the idea is to sustain FA to itself still as much as possible, and anything else is still an elective choice by selection.

Adding nomads would be nice, especially since im a random faction choice selector to say in custom matches 99% of the time, and having the option to open a match with another choice is a nice idea. 1 out of 5 instead of 1 out of 4 chance.

Im all in to say for team matching, but random assigned versus premade teams seems the question to answer about though.


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but random assigned versus premade teams seems the question to answer about though.

except when you consider that's already the case in skirmish especially with how the Russians play it. if anything TMM will level the playing-field by reducing how often that's the case. (also the russians in that scenario would have two major handicaps: 1 not their favorite map all the time, be it dualgap or setons 2: no preselected spawns. they'd have to learn to adapt. I'm willing to bet you'll see none of them in the TMM)

anyways. people will be free to either use it or not so either way I don't see why the reticence.


@tatsu Im not sure to say the fuller aspect of who plays what, but in regards to what was said, premade teams would probably be favorable for a premade setup, where as random, say a typical skirmish, least to some regards, then somethings dont change expect say an initial start of match and you are already set with a team looking for another.

Being more set in stone could have a disadvantage in TMM, but id still about guess a basis of the worth still starts from a "~45%" standpoint at a time, unless really set back in stone.
And why i think that matters for a reference is I myself would say be lucky to probably be anywhere near 10% ever, being essentially %100 random.



Some people look for that.

I know I do. When I play rocket league (mainly competitive 2s) I almost never team up. so I'm almost always in randoms vs premades and my team generally wins.

Same could apply for supcom.

Anyways to bridge the gap more you could also set up discord to throw you into automatic channels if you consent to it the way we had mumble set up back in the day. and then you're a premade too.