Point defence should switch targets if their bullets hit the terrain

See title. I think it'd make it more difficult to put the PD in an objectively bad place, and it'd help ameliorate the difficulty in seeing the bumps in terrain.

Likewise Seraphim beam turrets can bug out sometimes and miss a target an keep firing at it.

That's an issue with all beam weapons, not just seraphim PD. I believe it has to do with the engine and isn't really fixable.

just have to micro that is all.....that and get t1 bombers or a few units to kill the unit in question......but yeah anyway you look at it you just have to micro it....also, before I set any pd down I hold spacebar and see what the terrain is so my placement can be optimized. I typically scan the entire terrain in my lane while my first engines and BO's are happening early on so I can see what the best approach is based on my lane.