When will my account be deleted?

I want to delete my account.

I already sent an E-Mail to [email protected]
on 20.03.2023 (11 days ago) where I provided information but still my account is active and no answer so far. (I read on older posts to do this)

So please tell me how long I have to wait until my Account is deleted?

And I know this is a Community Project I do understand it can take some time but 10 days + ?

Kind regards
The guy who wants his account to be deleted

If you have sent the email, then the removal process is in the pipeline. Just be more patient, please.

The timeframe for account removal can vary, but it may take several weeks to complete, as this is a Community Project and the individuals involved are volunteers who perform these tasks in their spare time

Ok thank you very much for this Information.

Have a nice day 🙂