Stupid Engineers

You all know what this is about, Engineer pathfinding.

Picture the situation, you have few engineers standing around and you want to build something, however some but not all of them just happen to be in the location of where you want to build said structure, you click build here, and......... nothing happens just a few engineers standing around looking at a green blueprint of said object, maybe theres an engineer in the way but they just like playing bumber karts with each other, infuriating to watch.


Just like when experimentals can walk past/over objects or through your own units perhaps this should also be applied to engineers so they can move through each other, not "realistic" but it would make for better game play.

what are your thoughts?

Suggested every year with engies and ACUs. The only way to do this is by giving them the massive tag, which in turn means they walk over everything just like t4s do and that’s terrible.