Add a 'recommended mods' section to the 'create game' window

Millions of player-games get played with the built-in AI's in FA/FAF. Despite there being better alternative AI's offered in the vault, numerous players are not aware of them. There are other popular mods that numerous players are unaware of as well. I propose we add some sort of 'recommended mods' list on the 'create game' window, where people could see and select individual mods listed there (and creating a game with those mods selected would result in them downloading if they're not already downloaded). This would significantly increase user exposure to those mods, and I believe this would improve the overall FAF experience and user rentention for many FAF users.

PS: This list could go by other names than 'recommended mods.' However, I'm not suggesting it be called 'featured mods' because that could lead to confusion, since these mods would still be regular mods on the vault, and would not be 'featured mods' in the sense that FAF Dev and Nomads are.

Example concept art:

pfp credit to gieb

This already exists in the mod tab. There can be a recommended mods like the top map picks. It doesn't belong on the create game section as it is already crowded and easily confused with mods people already have installed.

@sheikah That would be an improvement over the current situation, but a lot of people would still miss that. I think something should be changed outside of the mods section of the vault to increase exposure of some key mods, such as the AI mods, to the regular users who don't look at the forums/news page/etc.

pfp credit to gieb

That would probably be better done just as general promotion