Anchor sonars

These guys always charge, and you never want this. How about some hold position for them? Like in Starcraft 2 (where mobile observers get increased vision radius for being stationary).

if you mean they shouldn't be selected and move with rest of navy, I agree, I never want to move the sonar with fleet anyways, it will just get destroyed, it only has any benefit with cybran and stealth boats are a thing, if I want to move sonar itself, it is the only thing that needs to move

maybe instead of switch off/on they should have an anchor switch that disables their mobility (unless they can have both)

Or use selection deprioritizer

@blackyps I just tried. It randomly selects and deselects units.

It doesn't do that for me. I can't help with personal issues with the mod. My point is that it can be configured to exclude sonars from selection if you select it together with other units. It doesn't do this out of the box, but it can be configured for this relatively easily.

@melanol for basic usage of the selection deprioritizer you probably want to turn off the "filter domain" and "filter assisters options" off, then only exotics, like moving sonars, sniper bots and similar stuff will automatically be excluded from any non-shift selection

a sonar anchor button might still be an interesting idea though. We could give all the moving sonars the option to submerge where they either stop moving or move super slowly like the sera t2 sonar does.

I also would like an anchor/hold position toggle button.
I sometimes will use a select all navy units hotkey to send in everything to attack and when that selects the sonar it is a problem. Selection priority wouldn't have anything to do with that, and I prefer the select all key rather than zooming out and selecting all units.

And I actually would love a toggle button that you can use hold position ANY unit, including land units.

Sometimes you want to send all your land units in for an attack, but would like to keep a small group in a specific location to defend against drops.

@analyzenoob said in Anchor sonars:

I actually would love a toggle button that you can use hold position ANY unit, including land units.

Imagine if you could "hold position" on t3 mobile artillery + 1 mobile shield or mobile stealth, while still being able to move other units and other mobile shields

That would be nice