AMD Graphics Not Supporting Dual Screen Play Unless You Disable "Radeon Image Sharpening" Solved


Hope this helps anyone that finds this issue. I recently just built a new budget rig with the 6650XT using Windows 11, and I ran into the issue where the game would launch only in the default 1024x768 on one monitor even when I had both adapters selected for the 1920x1080 options. I tried different frame rates, video settings in windows, but nothing would get the game on both displays. A crappy solution was that if I disabled the second monitor in the game, then the single monitor would display the game in 1920x1080. I finally found the "Radeon Image Sharpening" setting in the AMD Adrenaline software was the culprit and disabling it now allows dual monitors in 1920x1080 at 165hz.