AI Wave Survival Mod Information

Noticed from replays, some players still having difficulty properly configuring the mod, so:
-Added more Error Warnings to alert players if something is configured wrong.
-Added a brief description, to direct players to correct settings in Map Options.
-Removed some of the message spam at the start of the game.

Fixed a bug I accidentally introduced where game wouldn't end after killing HQ, unless Hold to Win was on.
Added a map-check for spawning units to prevent units/buildings from spawning off-map (when spawns are very close to a map edge). New script should also speed up SIM when spawning in huge waves.

A slight change to the navy spawner. Please let me know if you see any navy spawning on land. Might have to change it back.

To make Support Bases more necessary to attack, and add a bit more random chaos to the game, Support Bases will now deploy Rifts that will spawn more units! This is an optional setting, and number of units each Rift Orb spawns can be set in settings. Rifts will spawn more units depending on team strength, becoming more on an issue.

For each Support Base that is alive, the Base will fire an EMP nuke that will deploy a Rift Orb. The Orbs have area shields and weapons, and will begin to spawn in land units. EMP Nukes will launch throughout the game, and any Rifts that are destroyed will eventually be redeployed. Eliminating Support Bases will reduce the number of Rift Orbs that can be deployed. Expect the situation to become much worse if the Support Bases aren't eliminated before Endgame.

SB5: Rift Orbs:
Enables Support Bases to deploy Rift Orbs, which will spawn additional units to attack players. Rift Orbs are deployed on EMP Nukes vulnerable to SMD. Every Support Base can support one Rift Orb. Rifts that are destroyed will eventually be redeployed. Any undeployed Rift Orbs are launched at Endgame. Rifts spawn more units based on team strength and building Endgamers.

Other Changes:
-All Dooms now have torpedoes and Doom Fatboy got a slight buff.
-OC Damage vs Dooms, Support Bases, and Rift Orbs has been increased to 2.5x.
-The Seraphim Lightning Tank and the Aeon T3 Mobile Artillery have both been made Hover units, to make Amphibious only waves a little more interesting.

Bug Fix:
-Issued a quick fix for a bug causing an infinite loop (Where gameplay freezes, but chat and UI are still working) when Rift Orbs are enabled. Please let me know if the issue occurs while using the latest version.

Bug Fix:
-Issue causing crash has been resolved. There was a risk of getting trapped in an infinite loop on maps where HQ starting position was very close to the map edge. Should no longer occur.

Sera T4 Tac launcher has gotten a large buff:
-Full map range
-Faster missiles
-Launcher cheaper to build (but not missiles)
-Increased damage and storms have longer lives

You requested the settings for the game the other night.

For the map "Stulta Aqua Pugna"
-Map Settings not mention leave as Default.

HQ Settings:
HQ Spawn Spot: Player 1
HQ Shields/SMD/TMD Defnces: HQ S2-Tier Defenses
HQ Point Defenses: HQ Guardian PD S-Tier
Salvation Player
Salvation Player Slot: Half of Team
Wave Setup
1a: 6 minutes Build Time
1b: 2 wave Air Delay
1c: 3 wave Navy Delay
3a: 30 min Hold till Final
4: 40% Slower Tech Progression
6a: 8 units Land
6b: Land Special - Amphibious
6c: 2 > 1.75 > 1.5> 1.25 > 1 Land Multi
6d: 50% Land T4
7a: 9 units Air
7b: Air Special - Torps Bombers
7c: 2 > 1.75 > 1.5> 1.25 > 1 Air Multi
7d: 50% Air T4
8a: 3 units Navy
8b: 2 > 1.75 > 1.5> 1.25 > 1 Navy Multi
8c: 50% Navy T4
Airdrops On/Off: Transports Every 3 to 5 Mins
Airdrops per Wave: 3 Transports
Airdrops Multi: 1 > 1 > 1.5> 2 > 3 Multi
Airdrops Start Time: 0.30% Airdrop Holdtime Start
Airdrops Unit Types - Amphibious/Hover
Airdrops Rambo: 60% Rambo Drop
Airdrops Experimental: 40% T4 Airdrop
Airdrop Spawn Location: Spawn West Side
Extra Waves/Response
2a: AntiAir Response Multi 0.5x
2b: Extra ASF Multi 1.25x
3a: 0.90% Holdtime till ACU Hunters
4a: 4 min Paragon Punishment
SB2: Base Count 1.5x
SB3: Nuke Retaliation - Off
SB4: Power Stall - 5 Mins
SB5: 5 units per Rift
EndGame Settings
1a: Endless Land+Air+Navy
2a: 3 units Land Boss
2b: 0 units Land Boss
2c: 2 min Respawn Bosses
3b: 8 min till Artillery
4c: 1 +/- Units per Doom Wave
4e: 4 Doom Maximum Wave Size
ECO1: 40 EcoBoost
ECO2a: 150 EcoBoost
ECO2b: 5 min Endgame EcoBoost
Strike Start Time: 0.95% Holdtime till Nukes
Strike Frequency: Nukes Every 7 to 10 Mins

And the 13 Mods that were On:
1.5x t2 Artillery Range, 75% Cost
ACU Boost 1.5x
AI Wave Survival
50% Air Crash Damage
All Factions Quantum Gate
BlackOps FAF: ACUs
AntiNuke 50% Cost
Half Commander Upgrade Costs
Hardened T1 Point Defense
Hive Energy Stations
No Friendly Fire
Wreck Reclaim 67%
1.5x Build Range

Noticed from watching replays, new players didn't know to set land waves to amphibious units if playing maps lacking land crossings. Added a check to set land waves to amphibious if more than half of enemies cannot be pathed to. This check can be disabled in settings, if hosts do not want their wave settings over-ridden.

Also, all Black-OPs ACUs have their teleporters disabled now.

New T4 Naval Unit!

Abyss: Depth Charge Platform
-A mobile sonar platform, equipped with depth charges that heavily damage any units on the seabed, long range cruise missiles, a protective shield bubble for the fleet, and anti-torpedoes. Can be submerged, but will cause shield to be disabled and limit the cruise missiles to targeting ships only.

Seraphim T4 Storm Missiles
Another buff. Now storm tacs intercepted by TMD will spawn 1 to 2 storms where they were shot down, so that the missile isn't a total loss. Storms have also been improved with an area of effect weapon.

Some balance changes:

-Bugs preventing weapons from firing while submerged fixed.
-Torpedo defense doubled.
-Shield made 50% larger to help provide better fleet protection. Health increased to 12k.
-Cruise Missiles will now track targets.

Seraphim T4 Storm Missile Launcher:
-Can be built on water.
-Has an additional Laanse Tactical Missile Launcher, with tracking missiles that will put out a constant stream of fire versus enemies. Range is 180.
-Storm Missiles have been made cheaper and faster to build, so can be used more often.

Aeon, Cybran, and UEF T4 PD:
-All have had small decreases in build time and mass costs.

Really cool mod and well executed, but I think the default settings are borderline impossible to win against, at least with a 2-man team, like we tried. I think those need a bit of tuning, since new players have no idea how an ideal setup would look like.

Doom Wave Changes:
-On some maps, Dooms could get stuck at spawn and never attack players. Stuck Dooms will now be detected, removed, and respawned. If the Doom Wave is only the size of one, this will accidentally spawn the next wave as well.
-Attack scripts have been reworked to be more aggressive. Dooms will not stand around so much after reaching their objectives.
-Dooms have all been given long range cruise missiles. These missiles track, and can strike all surface units, even submerged. Can be stopped by TMD.
-Fatboy Dooms always seemed a bit weak compared to its peers. The Fatboy has been given a health boost and has the most lethal new cruise missile system.

Support Bases:
Bug where Bases would spawn HARMS on land has been corrected.

Thanks for the feedback! The 800 rating was a guesstimate, and from before I added Rifts and other changes that increased the challenge. Rifts add such a random difficulty, it is hard to even say how much more difficult it makes the mod.

I'd greatly appreciate suggestions on changing the defaults for new players. I tend to test play with players who almost exclusively play survival, so their ranks do not accurately reflect their ability.

I did watch a replay of yours to see how it went. Some things I noticed:
-10 km map. Smaller maps are generally harder, as waves reach players sooner. Also had fewer starting mexes than most maps we like to play for survival. What map people play has a huge impact on difficulty.
-It was 2 humans and 3 bots versus the HQ. The bots count as players and therefore increase the wave size calculation. While I use bots in testing, they make terrible survival allies. They don't build proper defenses or respond correctly to artillery and T4 units. And they build structures, like T3 artillery, that can trigger retaliation scripts.
-Being new players to the mod, you started building the special defensive units included in the mod a little too late. That and the AI allies actively obstructed you by taking up some of the best areas for PD and defensive buildings.
-I did balance the survival play while using other mods that make things easier. 50% AirCrash Damage, 50% AntiNukes, and 1.5x ACU Boost, which make a big difference in difficulty.

What aspects of the survival did you feel were the most difficult for players new to the mod?

Version 262:

-Rifts wave tech progression has been slowed about 10% and it's chances of spawning T4 units reduced by 20% compared to waves spawned by HQ.
-When rifts start spawning larger waves, a one second delay between each unit spawning should help units from piling up.
-Rifts should hit further from unpathable terrain, which should limit units getting stuck or having trouble pathing.

As satellites were becoming the default meta, a countermeasure has been introduced. Satellites will occasionally be killed by the countermeasure and will need to be re-deployed. Once the HQ is under 10% health, all Satellites will be destroyed, but this event will only occur once.
Note: If using the Blackops ACU mod, there is an option to build two satellites, one being the satellite for the UEF ACU. This satellite has no weapon, and if built, will cripple the Novax Center, preventing the building from being able to build anymore satellites.

AI will now send messages to chat, making it easier for players to review. At start of game, players can check chat to see if Land/Air/Navy is on, when Air/Navy waves start, if Hold to Win is on, and if Nukes, Dooms, Airdrops, and Rift Orbs are on. Other chat messages throughout the match will provide additional useful information.

Default Settings:
Defaults settings have been adjusted to make the mod a little easier for new players who don't know how to customize the settings. Default settings for Endgame have been made a little harder.

Sera T4 Tac:
Passive tac launcher buffed to 200 range and 300DPS.