Factory auto assist other factory

How about when you place a factory down it automatically sets up the assist-other-factory command.

There are various ways to do that like only set up the order automatically if...

  • there is a close nearby factory or
  • its touching square with another factory or
  • it was placed in the same command as another factory, like dragging 10 facs

90% of the time I want things assisting and that's something I need to do manually after the factory has started construction. It would be easier just to cancel assistance the few times I don't want an assist. Or I could hold control while placing the fac to not-setup-assistance.

It's just a quality of life thing.

In this image fac 1 was placed first and facs 2 and 3 automatically got an assist order to fac 1 because they were close/adjacent/whatever.

Fac 4 was not automatically given the auto assist order because it was too far away / whatever.

For the love of god, please make it optional if for what ever reason this gets implemented. The amount of stuff that this can make go wrong is just stupid. This will literally fuck up 100% time at the beginning of the game, and even later on. To the point it might be even game losing considering the way it will waste resources by starting to automatically produce something that's not needed, only cuz it was close to another factory....