Search tmm together without teaming

It would be cool if we could search together as a party, without necessarily being in the same team. Eg. I might want to search with my high rating friends, but it's impossible for us to find opponents. However it's fine for us if we are split to different teams (that's how it works in opti balance custom games anyway). Now you might say "just search separately", but we might be split up into different games, someone might miss the queue, or someone might find a game before others. It'd be cool if I could just hop online and spam invite all high level players to party (regardless of if they were ingame or not) and click the search button once I have gathered a nice gang of gamers

Sounds like a good addition. I am not sure how to best implement it to actually make it work

  1. the purpose of this "party" in tmm?
  2. there is a user lobby - you said it yourself
  3. you need to think differently, just programmatically divide the players so that players with 1800+ never get caught with players below (even if it increases the selection time)

Allowing people to choose their opponents in a ranked matchmaker doesn't really sound that great to me. Invites all kinds of rating manipulation, ghosting, and other degenerate behaviors.

If we wanted this it would have to be division-based matchmaking or some equivalent where players can opt in to only get games within their division (GM get masters+gm and maybe bronze get them + silver depending on the distribution)

Is that in response to the first or third post?

It’s a solution to deal with the flaws of the idea that Thomas posted about while still allowing for the intention of the OP.