UI Party - Replay Lag?

Using UI party, I get a lot of lag in replays.

The replay slows down to a stutter from 10 minutes onwards to the point where it is unwatchable. I know it's UI Party because when I disable it and watch the replays its fine.

It works fine in game. I can disable to watch replay and enable to play game, but just wondering if there is a fix for this?

Thank you

Hmm. This has never been reported before.

Try disabling other mods, only keeping uiparty, and see if problem persists.

Uiparty has a setting to disable it mid game, as well as settings to disable different features and it tells you which features are the slow ones.

Maybe you could flick switches until you find the part of ui party that is the issue.

Next time the huge lag occurs send me the log and I'll have a look.

Thanks nine2. I'll try your suggestions and get back to you.