radar proximity clusters

I thought of something that works in real life - the ability to hide the number of aircraft displayed on the radar based on their proximity

I asked GPT and maybe the code she returned matches the requirement:

-- define a function to calculate the distance between two objects
function calc_distance(obj1, obj2)
    -- get the x and y coordinates of each object
    local x1, y1 = obj1:getPosition()
    local x2, y2 = obj2:getPosition()
    -- calculate the distance between the objects using the distance formula
    local distance = math.sqrt((x2 - x1)^2 + (y2 - y1)^2)
    -- return the calculated distance
    return distance

-- define a function to group enemy planes that are in close proximity
function group_planes(planes, threshold)
    -- create a table to store the groups of planes
    local groups = {}
    -- loop through all of the planes
    for i = 1, #planes do
        -- get the current plane
        local plane = planes[i]
        -- create a new group for the current plane
        local group = {plane}
        -- loop through the remaining planes
        for j = i + 1, #planes do
            -- get the next plane
            local other_plane = planes[j]
            -- calculate the distance between the two planes
            local distance = calc_distance(plane, other_plane)
            -- if the distance is below the threshold, add the other plane to the group
            if distance < threshold then
                table.insert(group, other_plane)
        -- add the group of planes to the groups table
        table.insert(groups, group)
    -- return the groups of planes
    return groups

-- test the group_planes function with a list of planes and a proximity threshold
local planes = {plane1, plane2, plane3, plane4, plane5}
local threshold = 50
local groups = group_planes(planes, threshold)

-- print the groups of planes
for i, group in ipairs(groups) do
    print("Group " .. i .. ":")
    for j, plane in ipairs(group) do
        print("- " .. plane:getName())

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I asked GPT and maybe the code she returned matches the requirement

Narrator: It didn't.