Aeon Shield Animation

The Aeon shield has a long animation delay which results in being unable to rebuild it for a long time after it is destroyed. UEF and Cybran shields are rebuildable almost instantly after being built, Seraphim takes ~1 second, while Aeon shields take ~7 seconds (roughly). This is admittedly not much time, but can be a game-changing difference in certain situations.


To be fair, the Aeon shield is otherwise really good, it's got a low cost in it's mass/energy/buildtime as well as a lower cost to run relative to other shields, while still providing the second highest shield health at 1800.

quick comparison

Although I personally think this is balanced out by the lack of other lategame shielding options (bubble com/sacu, upgradeable shield that refreshes health, t3 mobile shield) as well as no engineering stations to rapidly rebuild shields that are lost. In any case it just feels a little jarring and slow, especially if the damage was enough to vaporize the reclaim wreckage but the animation still plays. The animation is weird 3 stage process; first, an explosion occurs in the air above the shield, then the top part hovers in the air while the bottom part explodes, then finally the top part falls to the ground, then after a short delay the wreckage appears and the space is freed up.

Thoughts on changing the duration of the animation? Perhaps having the above-mentioned stages of the animation occur at the same time. it would reduce the delay to something like 3 seconds and preserve some of the disadvantage, while not feeling like an eternity in tense moments.
That was easy to fix.

Wow, that was fast. Thank you very much speed2!

Would it be possible to speed up yolo nuke loading animation as well?

@TheWheelie said in Aeon Shield Animation:

Would it be possible to speed up yolo nuke loading animation as well?

This please. I have seen yolos bug out from finishing building but not finish reloading the missile too many times.

How to reproduce that?

By assisting a yolo with 50 hives and queueing multiple nukes you can see the load bar of the nuke is fully done while the load animation is still playing. The nuke won't launch until the loading animation is done

Its controlled by WeaponRepackTimeout, which is set to 32.5 seconds. I leave it up to balance team to decide if they want to change it.

Yeah, good enough for now, in the future someone can redo it so the animation speeds up if you assist it.