Proposal: Change engineers selection hotkey behaviour

For now, we have a batch hotkeys to select engineers, the one of them is "Select engineers on screen". It is very handy for low-apm noobs like me, to not try double click engineer to call this action, but press a cool hotkey.

I have a same settings for land, interceptors and sea. This is really cool stuff.

The issue with engineers hotkey is what it selects ACU too. I think this is no-sense behaviour, yes ACU have engineer suit and technically it is an engineer class entity. But in real use cases ACU is an ACU and when player wants engineers, he wants THE engineer, not ACU as engineer.

Also, player what use "select engineers hotkeys" most likely to use "select ACU" hotkey.

So i purpose, to change "Select all engineers on screen" to "Select all engineers on screen (Except ACU")

You can try "Additional orders extension" mod.

My UI Mods


This mod is already in default FAF and seems the topic is about one of it commands.

It is not in default FAF, I made this mod man...

My UI Mods

Additional orders combining selection and action and some QoL ones

* Select ACU / goto ACU / OC mode
* Select nearest idle engineer / Reclaim mode
* Decrease Unit count in factory queue
* Select nearest air scout / build sensors
* Select All IDLE engineers on screen not ACU
* Select nearest transport / transport order
* Select nearest air scout / build intel sensors
* Select all sensors
* Select all radars
* Upgrade mex, select next idle nearest
* Loop over idle mexes

My UI Mods

@fft ah sorry im did not take into account slashed part.


Checked this. Nice mod. But unfortunately there is no my issue solution.
(Also im have see custom build queues and now want him 😃

Maybe some day you make custom selection queues ? 😃

Custom selection queue?

My UI Mods

Ty again, im microfix your mod for my self. Now works as needed.

Also want to ask , im tried to change ACU Select\OC\Goto behaviour to Select\GotoOrZoom \ OC, but stuck on "Is already zoomed" check.

Maybe you can tell how perform it, to make same behaviour like "Select ACU (control group)" command.

@fft just schizophrenia, forget, im has imagine the user customisable action\selection queues like your customisable hotbuilding 😃

But seems there is no big deal to make it in txt mode. So this was a stupid dream.

Dreams are never stupid, just incomplete. Build it yourself and make the dream a reality! ❤