Cant connection to some player in lobby

When i join to random lobby i dont have connect to some other players but only some, not all (this is can be with all player's not only which RU)(Безымянный.png image url)

@pe6yx But if i create lobby i dont have this problem and all player's can connect to me even those who didn’t have a connection with me, also if I go to the lobby where there will be one host, then all the players who come after me have a connection without any problems, it problem started after the last update.

some more proofs about ("this is can be with all player's not only which RU") Безымянный.png here we can look i have connect with two RU player but dont have with UA, two RU, and some dude (srry dont know this banner)

For testing purpose, disable any security software/firewall. I would guess the firewall is interfering with the patched files, when it has worked before.

I think it is flag of Cyprus? Not sure about that, hard to see in the image.