Maps, mods, updates?

Hello, guys.

I'm from Total Annihilation and there are a huge community with patches and updates to make the game always even better.

Is there any source of updates, mods, maps and units where I can stay up-to-date with Forged Alliance and enjoy all it can offers to play on-line with you, like an unofficial up-to-date improvement recently made, or something like that?

Or I will be able to join any matches with just the Steam version without need downloading anything?

Playing on base FAF through the client automatically puts you in lobbies using the FAF mod which is the community maintained balance. There are mods that change the game, add units, whatever but they aren’t regulated by FAF itself.

Maps are all in the vault in the client and are for the most part unregulated aside from basic common sense rules. More curated maps to give better game experiences are in the featured maps list.

Excellent, Commando. Thank you very much, now I got it 🙂