Client v1.2.3 Upcoming Features

Now Released can be downloaded from

This topic is meant to introduce the new features and updates that are being added to the client for version v1.2.3. As the new PRs are merged they will be added here and when the release client is created for testing.

Relevant Screenshots

  • Date Format Option
    Screenshot (127).png

  • Add Channel Button
    Screenshot (125)_LI.jpg

  • Additional Map Generator Options
    Screenshot (126).png

  • Game info on Hover
    Screenshot (128).png

  • Experimental Replay Option

whats the difference between casual and tournament?

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

Causal allows the host map generator to see the preview in the client.
Tournament forces all the options to random and does not display the preview in the client. Also the map description will contain the time and date the map was originally generated at

ah i see might wanna add in info pop up or something to help explain that or is that already on the cards

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

Probably would be good to do

Added Lastest Relese to the Wiki as well

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I'm not sure where this goes so I'll just put it here: could the "Max Players" filter in the replay vault be changed to refer to the max players in the game, not the max number of spawns on the map? It's pretty counterintuitive and would also allow you to get all 1v1s in a simple replay search (something I know people like to look for, including me). At the moment you have to search for the 1v1 ladder game mod OR games with 1v1 in the title OR maps with 2 spawns (you can combine all these in a search), but you will miss out on custom 1v1s without "1v1" in the title played on maps with more than 2 spawns - for example tournament games.

Unfortunately the API does not support querying based on number of players in the game so this is not possible

Fair enough, thanks for the reply.