H-master's maps (Madness -X-)


Hello all,

Since the announcement of Supreme Commander I've been in love with this game. I've played many games on gpgnet and also a lot on faf.

At some point I decided it would be fun to make my own maps. You might have seen them come across, but I haven't made a forum post about it where I give some commentary on them. So here it is.

The idea behind my maps is to make something fresh, something nontraditional. They have to be fun to play.
I've tried to find a balance between making the maps open but also not so open, that they are too daunting for new players.

A map is fun for me when there are many ways to play the map. A lot of popular maps only have a few ways of playing, so you know exactly what to expect. In my maps, called Madness, for this reason, you shouldn't know what to expect. There should be multiple ways of attacking your opponent.

At the moment I've made 7 maps.

The grey boxes represent the starting positions.

Madness -1-
Madness 1 was my first go at using the editor, so it's not the most complex map.

You are fairly well protected behind the mountains, but you can attack by air, by sea and by two land routes through the mountain. Make a transport quickly to control the mass points on the mountain plateaus.

Madness 1 (Middel).png

Madness -2-
Madness 2 is being remade to what you see below. The map features a large island for an open land battle, a big sea for a large scale naval battle. And a position for an air player, who could also choose to help with navy or land.

Madness 2 (Klein).png

Madness -3-
Madness 3 is one big naval battle. But you can also walk to the end of your opponents island and start a base there. A map for people who like naval battles.

Madness 3 (Klein).png

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Madness -4-
Crazy 1 vs 1 map. You land in the water..next to your opponent... There are 4 places where you can start your base. What is the best thing to do? And where did your opponent go to? Invest in attacking your opponent, or kill the civilians first and get a mass boost? Many choices.

Madness 4 (Klein).png

Madness -5-
This map was the most work to create. The idea is that there are 2 battles going on. One on the left side, on water. One on the right side for land. However, in the middle are the two opposing air players. Land units can't reach them. They have to choose what to do. Are they going to help their allies in the water or on the ground, are they going try to snipe a player, or are they going to tech? There is also enough space to flee to the air players position when somebody has lost a battle.
In the water, there is a water start position. Go on this position first navy? Or rather go for a land attack? The land battle on the other side of the map is very open, with a big pyramid-shaped mountain in the middle.
When one team wins the left and the other team the right, the map goes from a vertical battle to a horizontal battle. For that reason, there are three horizontal attack routes.
The air player's position is crucial.

Madness 5 (Klein).png

Madness -6-
I've made this map with the FAF map editor by Ozone. Especially the symmetry tools made it much easier.
This map has basically two big mountains with a pass to the other mountain, in the middle.
You are quite well protected as a team because you are close to each other, have plenty of mass available, and are on top of a mountain. However you can't afford to lose the mass and the map control outside the mountain, but a comeback is possible from up there.
It's easy to steamroll your army over the enemy's mountain, as you can encircle the mountain and just run into it. The PD's can only shoot you once you are up there. Expect mayhem.

Madness 6 (Klein).png

Of course you can find the maps in the FAF map vault.

Feel free to give some constructive feedback.


Madness -7-

A (very) quick action map. Go straight for your opponent? Or go for the middle island? Or both?

Madness 7.png

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