short Computer Names Crash Client and Scrambles logs

OMG I was so confused!!!
This happed after one of the updates and I just figured it out.

Small cut of my -----=====client.log======--------
2022-08-25 19:00:03.736 INFO 26764 --- [re%CPU_NAME%ctor-tcp-nio-1] com.f%CPU_NAME%forever.commons.lobby.F%CPU_NAME%fLobby%CPU_NAME%pi : Disconnected from server
2022-08-25 19:00:03.740 INFO 26764 --- [pool-3-thre%CPU_NAME%d-1] com.f%CPU_NAME%forever.client.theme.UiService : W%CPU_NAME%tcher service termin%CPU_NAME%ted
2022-08-25 19:00:05.763 INFO 26764 --- [Spring%CPU_NAME%pplic%CPU_NAME%tionShutdownHook] com.f%CPU_NAME%forever.client.config.%CPU_NAME%syncConfig : Shutting down ExecutorService 't%CPU_NAME%skExecutor'

%CPU_NAME% <----- this is the issue
During a non-related crash issue with my SSD and for convenient reasons My computer's name got set to "a" just one simple letter "a", just never changed it back. Now for some reason the FAF-Client got confused and replaced ALL "a"s in the log and probably within the client load script too with "%CPU_NAME%"
No, I have no idea why. But It took me so long to figure it out b/c I went down a rabbit-hole of security and firewall setting trying to figure out what was going on b/c if I disable security the FAF-Client would work. But, after a close look at the log I notice the pattern.
Hope the Dev's could patch this out. I'm sure it's just a simple cleanup of some pass argument or pass string variable on a function somewhere.

The log file replacing has nothing to do with the operation of the game or the client. This is just done in the file after the log is written. Mainly just so people don't have to worry about exposing their name or info by posting logs.

But again has absolutely no affect on any crash in the client or the game.

After your healthy skepticism of my conclusion, I tried to recreate the issue, with some success, but it only leaves me more confused. Here what I've figured out, maybe someone can tell me what's going on. On the second load of my client, it crashes. It just vanishes right when you'd expect the menu to come up; logging in.... nothing.
I got to that conclusion by trying to recreate the original problem, I thought I had: I renamed my computer "a". Rebooted and loaded the client and it worked (I felt foolish), tried it again and it crash. Thought well, not so foolish. Renamed(longer name), rebooted, client loaded (felt vindicated), better try again and the client crashed. I'm frustrated again. Tried reinstalling after uninstalling with remove data option and deleted the client's directory, I still cannot get it to start but once then it requires me to disable my anti-virus to work. I even though Java protection might be the issue, so I only disable Java protection, but didn't help. I've got both faf-client.exe and faf_windowes-x64_2022_8_0.exe - FAF Client in my Whitelist. It does work once, and I've never had an issue with any other programs.
Don't know why the reboot on Renaming the computer helped the first time, b/c I've been fighting this all week and have been rebooting often. But I was so glad to final have a solution(not really) that i didn't want anyone else to be fighting with something that could easily be worked around, so I posted without checking more. Little embarrassed, b/c I always tell people to check twice before posting.

P.S - Both User Log off/on and rebooting can get the client to start once.
----===== Last lines of the Client.log ======-----------
2022-08-26 08:18:19.821 INFO 22496 --- [JavaFX-Launcher] com.faforever.client.steam.SteamService : Starting the Steam API
2022-08-26 08:18:19.937 DEBUG 22496 --- [JavaFX-Launcher] com.faforever.client.steam.SteamService : Steam API started
2022-08-26 08:18:20.292 INFO 22496 --- [JavaFX-Launcher] o.s.boot.SpringApplication : Started application in 4.691 seconds (JVM running for 6.331)
2022-08-26 08:18:21.307 INFO 22496 --- [JavaFX Application Thread] com.faforever.client.update.Version : fromVersion '2022.8' is not newer than toVersion '2022.8'. No update is required.
2022-08-26 08:18:21.310 INFO 22496 --- [JavaFX Application Thread] com.faforever.client.user.UserService : Logging in with refresh token
2022-08-26 08:18:22.764 DEBUG 22496 --- [reactor-http-nio-5] com.faforever.commons.lobby.FafLobbyApi : Starting session listener
2022-08-26 08:18:22.767 DEBUG 22496 --- [reactor-http-nio-5] com.faforever.commons.lobby.FafLobbyApi : Starting login listener
2022-08-26 08:18:23.045 INFO 22496 --- [reactor-tcp-nio-1] com.faforever.commons.lobby.FafLobbyApi : Connected to on port 8002