Offline Saved game - crash on big maps



I experience an issue when playing FAF offline (using the .exe in ProgramData\FAForever\bin).
I'm using FAF this way to be able to save my games and continue it later, the next day. But, in most of the 40x40 maps, and even some 20x20, the saved game crashes when i try to lauch it. It freezes when it's on the "in transit" screen, then go back to desktop with an error message.

I did some research and found this thread on the old forum :
This guy seems so have the exact same problem. Unfortunately, no solutions were proposed.

Some informations i collected :

  • It doesn't seem to be related to any faction, mod, or map.
  • It doesn't seem to be related to the number of AIs. I already had the crash when there was only one AI remaining.
  • It seems to be related to the size of the map. Occurs often on 40x40, sometimes on 20x20. (F.I.) I try one 80x80 and it crashed also.
  • It seems to be related to the time spent in game. The more advanced the game, the more possible the crash.

I was able to open the .dmp file using windbg. I'm not a specialist, but it seems that the problem is :
ExceptionCode: c00000fd (Stack overflow)
(i can copy the entire analysis if you think it is useful).
In my comprehension, the program has found itself stuck in a loop when trying to launch the saved game.

Thanks to these informations, what could be the problem according to you, and is there anything i can do to fix it ?
If not, do you think there is something that trigger the bug, when in game, resulting in the impossibility to save => Knowing it, i will at least know if i can save or not.
Do you think that my saved games can be fixed in any way ? I keeped 2 of them, hoping to find a solution because they were good games. It also means i can lauch them if you want me to recreate the bug in a special condition.

Thank you for reading, and in general to this community for keeping alive this fantastic game.


Try this - if you haven't already. Reduce your Texture Detail to low. This conserves almost 400MB of memory and it may make all the difference. If you're already at low - then all I can say is that this appears to be an 'out of memory' type error (keep in mind, FA can only use about 2GB of your RAM - it's an old application). The fact that it only appears on large maps, and well into a game, supports this conclusion.


Hi. Thank you for your answer. I tried it but it didn't work. I also try to put all graphical setting on the minimal, but it still crashes.
When you said that "FA can only use about 2GB of your RAM", you mean that the crashes occur because it try to use more than 2Gb when loading a saved game ? I have old save on classic FA, in huge battles (81x81 maps whith 6 AIs, flooding the map with... everything that i can build, with the 5k units patch), and they still work perfectly. FAF has been reworked, particularily in terms of graphics and explosion effects, do you this this explains that it uses way more RAM than classic FA ?
Also, is there something else (than graphics) i can put off in order to reduce the RAM used when load a savegame ?


There's nothing else you can do, at the point of loading a save, that will impact memory use - if that is indeed the issue.