Can`t start any game with Win10

Before i had windows 7. Yesterday i installed Windows 10.
If i Try to start a Game, i see every time ->"ICE Adapter start message"(windows message->comming from the right screen Border) but after this message occurs, its very fast gone

ICE adapter log shows something like this "20:24:52.701 [ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-3] WARN c.f.i.u.PingWrapper - Failed to ping"

Clientlog shows
"2020-10-26 20:55:26.349 INFO 6628 --- [Thread-123] : ICE adapter terminated normally"

in other Threads i had read something about the jdk path? Maybe i need add something to the environment variables?

I tryed deactivate Windows and extern Firewall-Software->nothing changed.

link to my logs:

Windows defender exception needed maybe?

after reinstall faf needs started via steam. I had become a Message for Framework update (no idea if this was reason), after this i could join games in faf