Can't see graphics of explosions and napalm

@fractal I tried to install dgVoodoo and run the game with it, but I do not think dgVoodoo works for me as I do not see a watermark regardless of where I extract files and whether I launch SC via faf client or via exe file.

does it happen in the base game (Forged Alliance without FAF)?
can you post some logs (from a game where you had the issue)?

@azurefireice then I have to ask about the configuration of your PC. it is important to know the GPU or CPU model with integrated graphics and which OS you have installed.
Is there support for Vulcan and DX12, 11, 10?
dgVoodoo uses these libraries
"3. Requirements
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Hardware: GPU supporting DirectX feature level 10.0.
Optional and recommended:
GPU supporting DirectX feature level 11.0 or higher"

Thank you for the replies guys.
The issue happens in the base game as well.
I am using Macbook Pro M1(
VM OS is Windows 11. Emulation via Parallels desktop.

@azurefireice That's what I thought.
perhaps the problem is in your hardware. the M1 processor is still very specific. How its GPU cores will perceive all these abstract layers and the translation of instructions in a virtual machine is not very clear.

on a new computer with a new gpu supporting vulcan with linux OS on proton 5,6,7, it was possible to apply dgvoodoo

on an old computer with a gpu without vulcan support, I have to use proton 4.11 and I failed to apply dgvoodoo there (even taking into account the addition of additional DX10,11 libraries to the proton prefix, which this gpu seems to be able to do)

in general, it seems to me that you should try to play not in a virtual machine, but the OS of your mac. this is also linux steam and proton emulation tools are available to you.

it seems to me that there is no experience of running the game on M1 yet and this is very interesting

@fractal Can you please point me towards proton emulation tools so that I can set it up on my mac?

if you have steam installed in your system, then proton of any version can be easily found in mеnu library, do a search in the tools (there is a switch somewhere between games and tools like a blender (proton in the same place ...)

if you want to use proton regardless of steam, everything is a little more complicated, you will have to figure out a lot.

@fractal download the installer on the website

@azurefireice I hope it will be clear what I'm trying to talk about

Hmm. Looks like they are not available on MacOS

@azurefireice you cant downloud steam.dmg?

click on little apple logo

I can't paste an image here, but I can't install Proton on mac from steam. For all of them install option is not available.

I read a couple more projects on the github hub in this more or less clearly they say that support for DX10, 11 is the maximum for the mac. and there is a modified vulcan1.1
in general, it all takes a long time to try. there is probably no quick fix.

This video troubles me:
According to it my setup should work as it is identical to the one on the video. But unfortunately does not work.

@azurefireice and what are the results of FAF performance through a virtual machine?

settings/fps? cpu rating?

Settings - highest, FPS did not measure but no stuttering whatsoever so i'd assume >50. CPU rating 360.

@azurefireice it works very well.
as far as I could estimate, the same thing disappears everywhere according to the effects.
it cannot be said that critically important things are missing. but the explosions... explosions are very lacking.

@azurefireice the game engine has its own basics FPS meter on the "/" key where the figure is larger and clearer 🙂
CPU rating 360. - but that's a shame. the computer is powerful and the evaluation is buggy

CPU rating 335.
Explosions are lacking. And I can't also see napalm from bombers. It's just damaging my units but it's invisible.