Can't login to FAF client on virtual machine(GOG)


I read that I can use GOG and bought the game but now it appears I can't connect to the server.
I have only MacBook with Parallels virtual machine(win 10) and FAF client doesn't allow me to use my successfully linked GOG account with the purchased game.


Could you please help?


@Sheikah thoughts didn't know this was an error message

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This is an older legacy check that exists in the server that wasn't removed when we switched login methods and allowed linking to gog. So requires a server update to remove.

@Sheikah Could you please fix it on the server side?

@Rowey @Sheikah any solution?

Nothing can be done till the next server update as sheikah stated. Was unaware this was a issues when we released gog support. I guess you just have to wait till the next server update which sheikah probs has a better idea when that might be

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@Sheikah Is there some schedule when I can expect this update?

There is a patch from Sheikah waiting for review.
It'll take another week or two until it gets deployed I'd assume

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This should now be fixed

It works! Thanks