UI scaling for ultrawide monitors?

I recently upgraded to a 32:9 ultrawide monitor that is 49 inches wide, which is great for FPS and third person games and I figured it might be neat for FAF. Well, it kind of is, but isn't...

See, the FA UI scales to the edges of the screen, which means... of course, it is now impossible to look at the scoreboard, build queue and mass/energy bars efficiently because I basically have to turn my head constantly to see these which distracts from the game.

Is there a way to scale the UI so that it remains in the center of the screen as on a 16:9 monitor, with the rest of the 32:9 background(the 3D game world) still visible? Imagine a 16:9 UI overlaying a 32:9 game image that extends beyond the edges of the UI.

You can do what I do, which is modify the Scaled Resource Panel so that it is in the middle of your screen, along with the other multifunction panel.


in hook\ui\game\layouts there is economy_mini and multifunction_mini. Search for --LayoutHelpers (there are several different ones that need updating), which are the orig values, and below you will see the updated values. You will see the larger value is the updated value to bring it closer to center.

Use UI-party to move the main menu to the right so it doesn't interfere. You can also modify it to be less further right if needed.
You can do the same with SupremeScoreBoard if you want to find and tinker with the values. It has its own copy of these it uses as well, if you prefer a smaller economy panel, but I delete that file in SSB so it doesn't interfere.

The engineer panel on the right, i'm not sure about. Good luck.

Interesting. I just drop this folder into programdata?

Mods folder

Thanks! So the mods folder is in the steam directory?

older versions of faf client, it will be in docs/mygames/supreme commander/

in newer versions its in programdata/faforever