Buff Harbinger sight range 22 -> 26

Out of this lineup of T3 main assault and combat tanks and bots, which would you consider to have the better view across the battlefield?


In the past before the various T3 land balance changes, the Harby drop was a common and arguably OP strategy on a lot of maps.

Since then it is rarely seen and to encourage it more, and since drops in general make for more dynamic and interesting gameplay from both a player and observer perspective, I propose a buff for the Harbinger sight range to match the other more equivalent t3 units, the t3 armored and sniper bots, rather than the t3 raiding assault bots. The slipper is special because most of its dps is close range anyway.

How is it more equivalent to the armored bots? Those are specifically the counter to harbs and othuums. The only direct comparison to harbs are othuums.


Othuum high damage gun is their long range gun.

DPS numbers from the client or DB sometimes display broken,

the long range is 400 x 0.25 = 100, short range 2 x 75 x 2 = 300.

that said, i thought the short range was only 22 range for some reason...

still, the othuum is arguably better for drops with its superior hp and dps, was looking to restore the harbinger to some of its former glory

Yeah equivalent was the wrong word to use