Points are not updating correctly

Hey guys.
My points in Leaderboard are not updating properly. According to 1V1 Leaderboard I played 132 matches.


but this is not true. I played 136 matches according to "Show User Info".


...and this is correct.

It seems that Leaderboard is not updating my matches and points. This situation lasts for 1-2 days already.

What can I do with it?

Are you sure? The game counter resets for the leaderboard with each season.

So you have in total more games, than you are playing in the current season when you have participated in the past seasons.

And please do not open after just a few hours the same thread again, give people some time to look into it.

Thanks for answering my question 🙂 The season is in progress (April 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022). Currently I played 138 matches according to "Show User Info". My rating in "Show User Info" is also changing according to my losses or wins. In Leaderboard I still have constant value of matches - still 132 matches. So the situation is not changing. Yes I have more games than in current season. I started to play FAF around April so the amount of games in Season and in general should be the same. I never played in previous seasens.

Sorry for opening new thred.

It's possible that the league service that updates these tables didn't survive the latest server outage. We are investigating.

Thx for investigation 🙂

Should be fixed with the server restart, which happened just now. New season is very soon as well.

Yeeesss! It is working! Thx!

The points are changing. I won a match and 2 points were added but, the count of all matches in Season dod not change. It is still 132 matches like it was.

Currently I am installing FAF update, so maybe it will help?

Update: after FAF client update matches count changed and now is 133, so it is working! Thanks!


Unfortunately I realized that after 2 won games points did not changed, so the same problem appeared again. Number of games stucked on 137 score and is constant. So I have the same story.....like lastly.

Please help 😉

The season ended yesterday at 12:00 UTC. If your games were later than that, then your score doesn't update of course. The next season will start soon

New season has started. Should work as usual now.