LAN Co-op

Hello fellow FA players...
I created this account just to ask this question - I have steam keys for base and FA. I want to play LAN co-op with my son. Does that mean I need another steam account that also has another set of keys just to play?
I've had no luck using Steam offline mode it just tries to open the game in streaming mode from another PC with it running.
I do not have FAF but am willing to try it if that allows playing a Coop LAN game without the hassle of another steam account.
Sorry if this is not really a FAF question.

Regards and Thanks.

Each faf account hast to have a steam account linked to verify you own he game so to play coop you would need another account link to another steam account to verify you won the game and then you can just play coop as much as you want and as a bonus if you go through faf you get all the custom coop maps as well as the option to try out the custom Nomads faction campaign

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In theory its possible without buying another game (the FAF client even had an offline mode in the past but that has been abandoned), but you would have to manually start the EXE with the correct command line parameter and the coop featured mod, and you would have to prepare the maps you want to play by hosting them on each PC first via FAF. Its probably easier to spend the 2 dollars when FAF is on sale than to try this.

@Katharsas I am OK with spending additional money on a great game like SupCom:FA but, yeah, I'll wait till it goes on sale 🙂
Thanks for the confirmation.

@IDontKnow Thanks mate. I'll keep my eyes open for a sale.
Son needs to learn resource management which I think is simpler and more "obvious" in StarCraft, which is free to play.

I'll install FAF for myself in the meantime! 🙂