FullShare But Not For Tech [SIM]

Hey all,

After the recent topic on more impact for a lower rank team mate being killed, there was mention of a mod Structure Share, which transfers only buildings and engineers.

This mod is more or less the reverse of that, and is also made to tie in with the new game option for no tech sharing which was added in the April patch.

What this mod does when fullshare is on, is transfer all units and structures, except factories, gateways, engineers and sACU's. So the eco, army, base defenses, intel buildings are all preserved when that player dies, but you will be hurting for buildpower, and lose access to that players tech.

So if this was a lower rank player but the only faction on your team, you have now lost access to the faction's units, XP's etc.

Have tweaked some things to make this viable - I have added Transports to the list of items prevented from being gifted, to avoid the trivial loophole of gifting a transport with engies on it(also Stingers). The game does have logic to prevent you gifting a transport with your ACU so ideally this could be used as well for engies & sACU's. I couldn't find it in the code tho.

Also since 3 experimentals - tempest, fatty and mega - could build engies I have removed them from their unit blueprints.

To make lategame a bit less tedious, I have given kennels to sparkies, and hives to megas(and upped their build range 1-1.5 which helped with building). So an incentive to keep your newbie uef or cybran player alive until you can borrow their crab or fatty(to make sparkies).

Since you would gain other building units like carriers, or donut or atlantis, you may wish to use these conservatively so you can at least build some of any 'extinct' faction units, but this also places incentive on the other team to remove them....

I hope this will add some extra dimension to the games played with this option anyway, the mod doesn't serve much purpose without it.