Balancing mods

I am helping Dragun with balancing his SCTA project so that it can be played against FAF factions. When the project is finished I would quite like to write a tutorial on how to balance a mod with the existing factions. Of course not to the degree FAF is currently balanced within itself but rather that it can be played with/against faf factions in a semi competitive manner. I am talking about a sub 1.5k global players that spent like 30 games playing the mod who should not be able to find balance breaking tactics.

Does a tutorial like that already exist?

For the first base line we are taking quite a mathematical approach. Comparing eco efficiencies, build times and combat strength via basically lanchesters laws. Unfortunately, for that to work, a lot of mirroring with faf units is required. You need a t1 tank, t2 navy, t3 air etc. . So the gameplay of the original TA gets quite butchered.

This approach is a lot less work than gameplay testing to get down the baseline but is limited to comparable units.

open for suggestions 🙂