Adaptive MatchMaking

Hello Faf Developers,

would be very nice, if the count of players is not fixed to just 2v2 or 4v4 for example.
An adaptive matchmaking for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6 games should be possible.

For example a single player, a 2 player team, a 3 player team and a 5 player team join the adaptive matchmaking queue. In this case the adaptive matchmaker organizes a 3v3 match or a 5v5 match. The algorithm would choose the match-up with better game quality.

Another advantage next to the option of 3v3, 5v5 or 6v6 games is, that when people all join the adaptive matchmaking queue, and not also the 2v2 and the 4v4 queue, a better game quality is possible, because the algorithm has more options to match-up.

open queues:
2v2 has 6players with 0:43min (all players also in 4v4 full share queue)
4v4 full share has 18players with 1:45min
In the 2v2 queue, 4 players are matched and 2 players do not find a game. Now the 4v4 queue has only 14 players left to match-up.
In the 4v4 queue 8 players are matched and 6 players do not find a game.

Advantage Adaptive matchmaker:

  • the 6 players that couldn´t be matched-up before, will now be set up in a 3v3 match (all players find a game)

  • If Adaptive MatchMaker is always the first queue to calculate match-ups, games are created faster with a better game quality and more players find a match-up.

Thanks for your great work and continuous improvement for the best game ever 🙂

Also special thanks to Denjo who brought the idea to life and Genesis who supported me with the drafting.

This effectively what already happens as people and parties can queue in multiple matchmakers at once and the first match they get put into.

an 8v8 queue gonna have a 2% chance of successfully connecting followed by a 2% chance that everyone in it has a decent cpu for the game

highballing it btw

Thank you. We clarified now in the post the advantages.