Script finalization for YouTube tutorials

This is the place i am creating now for finalizing scripts for YouTube tutorials shorts.

These are meant to be "low in time but quality" effort content that are easy to digest, not many numbers or stats just a raw explanation of gameplay of what that thing is meant to do or how does it work.

I am creating these scripts myself with some help from other users but my English is what it is and my gameplay knowledge is not the greatest for those reasons i am looking for the help and advice from outside of Trainer Team sources to help me finalize the script before i approve it to be voice acted and turned into a video.

Key points before you start helping:

  • Meant to be for a short video* (we are aiming for 1min~ long videos)
  • Vaguely accurate information* (accept that some information will have to be left out for the sake of time)
  • Not too divergent from the main topic* (we need to stay on point what is video about)
  • No "it depends" information* (lets keep it "facts" as best as we can)

If you want to work with me personally you can find me on FAF Discrod under username HintHunter#4462 or you can comment under the topic for suggestions, advises, improvements, changes ect.

Thanks for your time.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

This is the first public script for a video.

Why you should build frigates.

Did you know that frigates are the most mass efficient navy units? That is the number one reason why we build them. It's not because of the utility that they provide but rather the sheer amount of units on the field that they can present as themselves.
Although the firepower of a frigate is incomparable to the one of the battleship, yet get many of them on the same target and they will sink any ship in sight. They lack range, so you should avoid taking free damage from ships with superior range. Luckily though, the speed of frigates allows you to choose when to engage in a fight and when not to, allowing you to offset the range disadvantage.
Did I mention that it provides radar coverage? Since frigates are core of any navy army it also has the best radar coverage for a navy unit that can be used to detect and track enemy forces or structures.
You should still use higher tier navy factories to build higher tier units but frigates are useful all game long.
Frigates are strong because numbers are big.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

Video is out.
What is a gun upgrade? What is it for?

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...