Client: force download all maps before ladder search

This has happened to me a few times now:

  1. Search for a ladder match
  2. Get a match
  3. Spend so long downloading the map (or a FAF update) that the game fails to launch (before people give up)

Yes, a large part of this is my slow internet connection, but in my opinion it makes sense to force all maps to be downloaded and the FAF version to be updated before searching for ladder matches can start.

You’d still face your issue because map gen exists and requires generation during the match creation process.

Map gen isn't an issue in my experience (usually even if a new version needs download). Some maps are also fine; others are much larger downloads.

Go to the matchmaker tab, click the map list button for the queues you want to play, then download the maps it shows you.

Sure. The problem is just that every month they change the maps and I forget to make sure they're downloaded. But it's not a major issue.