Client Crashes 1s into loading up.

Any idea how to fix this?

Found the problem was caused by rivatuner or the OC on my GPU through msi afterburner, wierd.

hmm ok interesting.


Was the Afterburner overlay which shows FPS enabled?
Overlays, fps limiters and graphics enhancers tend to hook into the process and can cause all sorts of problems and are a good candidate to deactivate when crashes happen.

This should go into here:

(and the thread needs to be ported to the new forum).

Would also suggest we make multiple pinned threads for:

  • Account / website issues
  • Client issues
  • Game issues (including crashes, ingame and sound problems, explain how to test with "/nosound")

This would increase the chance of people reading these because right know they need to scroll through stuff to find the "Game issues" section for example.