Couldn't load main class

I have been trying to install FAF for a little bit. haven't been able to see similar or something in the FAQ about it.

But I get an error when trying to install faf after like 3 sec I get can't load main class error.

what I have tried is following

reinstall java.
disable Antivirus software.
Run as admin

load main class.png

any good solution for this?

It looks like the installer is not able to access it's files. I would double check the anti virus and file permissions of the downloaded installer

okay will try looking more in to the that 😃

Plus you should never run the faf client as Administrator anyway

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Hey, i have the same problem. Logs show this:

[2:485] Creating JVM
[2:569] JVM created
[2:578] ERROR: did not find NativeLogger class
[2:579] load helper dll
[2:579] helper dll (in-module) 00007FF63D440000
[2:580] ERROR: did not find com/install4j/runtime/installer/platform/win32/Common
[2:581] ERROR: did not find WinDel class
[2:581] setting exe4j.moduleName to D:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever\faf_windows-x64_2022_9_0.exe
[2:582] main class: com/install4j/runtime/launcher/WinLauncher
[2:582] ERROR: could not find main class
[2:700] Java window visible