FAF Guide For New Players

What is FAF?
FAForever is a non-profit organisation whose overall aim is to support the open and continued development of the game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever. When people say FAF, they may mean the FAF Association, the FAF client, the game itself, or the community of FAF players.

How can I get better at the game and or improve my rating?
You can check out these helpful resources, learn from people in the #gameplay-and-training channel on the FAF Discord, and or contact a trainer.

How can I stop getting kicked for being a noob?
You can join 'All Welcome' games, host a game yourself, or play on the matchmaker. Playing rated games and winning some will help you build your rating, and getting a higher rating will enable you to join even more games.

How can I tell if a game is rated?
Check out this link. It lists the things that can make games unrated. If there is nothing that makes a game unrated, it is rated.

How can I talk with people on FAF?
You can join the FAF Discord and talk with people there (you can also message people via the FAF forums and via the FAF client). A lot of people check the FAF Discord frequently. So, if you join one of the general voice channels on there, you'll likely get some company in not too long. You can also ask people in-game or in-lobby with you if they want to talk on Discord. People often say yes.

How can I get help?
You can check out the help section of the forums, or ask for help on the FAF Discord in either the #technical-help channel (for technical problems) or in the #gameplay-and-training channel (for gameplay questions, finding trainers, and improving at FAF).

How can I get cool new maps and mods from FAF?
If you haven't already done so, you can download and install the FAF client, make an account, and log into your account on the FAF client. There is a Maps tab and a Mods tab near the top of the FAF client. You can browse, search for, and download maps and mods on those tabs.

Where can I find answers to other frequently asked questions?
You can check out the FAF forums' FAQ section and the FAF wiki's FAQ section.

Where can I learn more?
Check out FAF's wiki.

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