🔥THE KING of Dual Gap 2v2🔥 170 $

король гапа.jpg
January 15, 11:00 GMT
Tournament bracket: https://challonge.com/ru/fxxhfdbh
Tournament system single ellimination
bo1 and finals bo3
Map DualGap Adaptive v12
Rating 1400+

Settings: 2v2, fullshare on, 1500 unit cap, start position as u want, all mexes enabled

Prize pool 170 $
1st 100 $ + King of dualgap ava
2nd 50 $ + Faction face ava
3d 20 $ + Faction logo ava

Registration player1+player2
Registration closes 1 hour before start of the tournament
Maximum number of teams 16

Sign ups:
J0hn and CheeseBerry
HuggyWuggy and Inspektor_Kot
archsimkat zwaffelNoob
Nikerochek) and White_Owl
yudi(Haachamachama) + grimplex
Ctrl-K + litle IMP
Salnik + Neytron
rowanmorseyt and zlo
Pryanichek + Kite
Cast_Away and PerfectAim
Paralon + Suzuji
Knowfear555 and Wesh

@archsimkat time to bring it back?

Register me (J0hn) and CheeseBerry

@j0hn lets go!

Register me and @zwaffelNoob, only because our last 2v2 experience went so well!

Register HuggyWuggy and @Inspektor_Kot

Register me (Nikerochek) and White_Owl. ^^

signing up - yudi(Haachamachama) + grimplex

The embodiment of depression...

sign me up please

sign us up! me (rowanmorseyt and zlo)

Регистрация Salnik + Neytron

sign me and Ctrl-K

Signing up pls. Pryanichek + AntiToxic (Kite)

Sorry for my English. I use translator

what GMT time is this at?

@rowanmorseyt said in 🔥THE KING of Dual Gap 2v2🔥 170 $:

what GMT time is this at?


Cast_Away (noob) and PerfectAim (Mega noob)

Signing up. Paralon + Suzuji.

@lenkin differnt country's have diffent GMT time

@lenkin is it US gmt or not?

@rowanmorseyt it's probably UK gmt, (i didnt even know there was a US one), meaning the tournament is in 10 hours and 45 minutes from now