Manual /doc for 4vs4 matchmaking?

I'm trying to get a grip on the new matchmaching feature. The map selection eludes me, how are you supposed to chose which maps get selected?
Why does it only show about 10 of them, most of them that are not popular?
I would like to include dual gap and astro crater ones that are popular.
Also, I have a UI mod that I use that I can't enable anymore in matchmaking, is there a way to keep that on?

you cant select the maps you want to play in matchmaker their is a Pool of maps that you can get based on your ranking and they get automatically decided when games start base on the players you are matching with

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That's a shame, that makes the matchmaking pretty useless for me, as I don't like these maps. Thanks for clarifying this. I think being able to specify your favorite maps and exclude ones you don't want would be a really important feature. The matchmaking looked like a really cool way to start a well-balanced game easily.

That defeats the purpose and converts matchmaker into having the same problems global currently has.

Global what? Which problems?

The problem that rating has no real gauge of skill because players can manipulate what maps they play, who they play against, and who they play with. Allowing people to just go and play a singular map on the matchmaker brings back the inaccuracy of having 2000 rated dual gap players that then try to play random teamgames and immediately destroy the balance because they are 700 points overrated. This then causes everyone to roast the guy in chat and kick him from games (which you can't do in matchmaker and would instead just cause people to stop playing with the matchmaker or be even more aggressive in chat) further segmenting the community into little bubbles that don't interact because the rating systems fundamentally do not communicate between the various bubbles.

You can include vetos to remove 10-15% of a pool which translates to a map or two generally, but that's about it.

I see. Well, I'm glad we do have a rating system, Forged Alliance (under GPGnet) did not have anything. I was not aware it had that many problems. Thanks for explaining it.