Mirrors for slow downloads

EDIT: FAF has moved to CloudFlare for file distributions so this post is no longer applicable, and the steps described here will no longer work.

This is a list of known and semi-trusted mirrors for certain FAF downloads. These may come in handy if you are experiencing extremely slow download speeds.

Mirrors for game files:

Mirrors for GitHub releases

How to use them

You will need the 2022.1.0 version of the client or later.

Go to Settings > Data and Caches and enter the mirror URL in the box.


Now when the client needs to download any game files it will first check the list of configured mirrors from top to bottom before trying to get them from the main server.

For instructions on downloading and installing the files manually I made a short post here: https://askaholic.io/faf-mirror/

Updated with instructions on how to use mirrors with the latest client.

are there any tools we can use to build additional mirrors?

@lynx_nz No, there are currently no official tools for hosting your own mirrors.

We have also recently been messing around with putting our content server behind CloudFlare to see if that helps with the download speed issues, so using mirrors like this might not be necessary in the long term.