4v4 TMM Release!


4v4 TMM Matchmaker Release


The 4v4 TMM queues are now ready for release and the development team is ready to flip the switch once the map pools are finalized!

To get everyone on the same page, please read the following posts:

Initial Matchmaker Team Announcement

Developer's Announcement

4v4 TMM Pools

The first set of 4v4 Matchmaker Pools are below. Before trying to read it, note the following:

There are 2 pools: 1 for Share Until Death (NS = No Share) and 1 for Fullshare (FS). The pool on the left is the NS one and the one on the right is the FS one.

You will notice a few things such as the ratio of 10x10 to 20x20 maps is dramatically different as FS and NS work better for certain map layouts / sizes. The matchmaker team will need time to flesh out every single map and see what works best, so this is our initial best effort.

Please note that the matchmaker team is still talking through some choices and you will likely see a different list used by the time we launch. This is purely for reference.

alt text

The 4v4 Map List

In order to keep open and transparent to the community, the list of 4v4 maps the matchmaker team is using is in the link below.

4v4 TMM Map List

What has been updated since my last post?

  1. Pictures of maps are starting to be added so it is easier to identify maps
  2. Tabs have been added for the full map list, Detailed Reviews (similar to the 1v1 and 2v2 sheets), Maps that Can Be Saved, Broken Maps
  3. A column to determine if a map is usable for NS, FS or both
  4. Continued work on evaluating maps

"Maps That Can Be Saved" are ones where some simple map editing work could be used such as spawn fixes, resource placement, minor graphical tweaks so that the map can be added to the usable list.

"Broken Maps" are ones that require a massive amount of rework and fixing, not complete, lots to address and would require a dedicated mapper. These are not exactly "lost causes" but will not be addressed by the matchmaker team itself.

Community Feedback

In order to ensure we capture community feedback well, I will be using a broadcast poll for the first time in some years. We want to ensure that everyone's voice is heard so it is very desirable to push this.

After 2 months have elapsed and enough people have played the matchmaker a poll will be designed and launched.

The initial feedback we are looking for is as follows:

  1. Do you feel the ratio of 10x10 and 20x20 maps is appropriate for each matchmaker?
  2. What rating bracket do you primarily play in?
  3. What map pool size should each FS and NS have? (Options will be given)
  4. How many 10x10s do you think should be in the NS pool?
  5. How many 20x20s do you think should be in the FS pool?
  6. Rate your experience overall with the 4v4 TMM Matchmaker
  7. Open Ended Feedback (written response)

Submitting Maps for Matchmaker

If you think a map should make it into the pool, please post it up in the #matchmaker-submissions channel in the main FAF discord under the Mappers group: