Creative Councilor Intro / Roadmap / Discussion

I've been granted the authority of the M&M Councilor position as of now.
This post serves as:

The initial announcment,
What I plan to do as Councilor,
A checklist of if i've done it or not.
A list of things I hope to complete as an aside,
A place for you to pass your feedback to me,
And a place to provide status updates and the like.

First, some things are effective immediately, or as soon as I am able to do so.

1. Renaming to the Creative Councilor.
If you object to this, let me know.

2. Strip the 3 Stratum, and Meme map rules out of the map vault rules document.
I'm just going to move the existing document for now, and put that in a new post on this forum, because I don't think one exists on the new forum yet.

If your map was hidden for these reasons and you want it unhidden, the onus is on you to contact me. Maps will not be unhidden if they also break other rules. (Don't ask for your 8 astro clones to be unhidden, please!)

3. People who are banned from the vault will be unbanned.
This is pending until I touch base with the people responsible.

Futhermore, I need to speak with a number of people. We may or may not have spoken already but if you have not yet got anything from me, please message me at your most convenient time.

  • Anyone else responsible for vault bans (all mods?)
  • The previous contact for the FAF Whitelist Vault project (Brutus?)
  • The Russian members who were given the Dual Gap author rights
  • Anyone who is willing and able to translate bodies of text to Russian, German, French, etc.
  • Anybody responsible for modding and the like, who would want to be consulted about modding related changes.

And anyone else i've forgotten.

The following things will be worked on in no particular order:

1. I want to fix up the discord server a little bit, thanks again to Morax for this smooth transition.
This includes a rebrand, trimming channels, fixing the roles and adding extra features such as bots. Feel free to leave suggestions.

This includes a space for the "Preflighting" concept, which was left out of the vault proposal due to space.

I also want to open a basic space for projects, this list currently includes:

  • Nomads
  • SC:TA
  • AI Development

All it is, is a basic introduction as well as an invite link to the server and stuff. If you're one of the three leads responsible, expect me in your DM's eventually.
If you have a FAF project you would like to put in this space, let me know.

2. Implement the new vault admin systems spoken about in the vault proposal.
I need a new document for keeping track of hides and the like. I want to set it up in a way that allows for good data collection.
Need to further fix the new map rules to remove the accessiblity issues and translate them onto the forum. Need a new rulelist for mods.

If you're interested in helping hide maps, let me know as always.

3. Work on the knowledge bank concept outlined in the proposal.
Currently working on consolidating my information and contacting people who might want to have a stake in this. this includes Laticlave's old unit - github concept, and the old tutorial curriculum I still have to work on.

3b. Implement the bountyboarding systems in tandem with the above, again as outlined.
Need to create a terms of use, and create some documents that need to go with it.

Here are some things that i'll probably be doing as an aside.

  • I have one map almost completed and one more idea I want to try out
  • I'm writing out a story concept for the SC:TA's single player campaign.
  • I'm going to put some time into fixing the ever degrading state of the client UI, this includes the mod vault UI that i talked about in the proposal.
  • More creation related tournament hosting.

It's almost certain that i've forgotten something, so this post will serve as my bookkeeping and is prone to change at any time.

Finally, each councilor has a pledge that they follow along. It's really only for sentimental value more than anything, but I've made one anyway.

  • I will set myself upon my tasks with the intent to complete them properly.
  • I will remain transparent and not hide away from public opinion.
  • I will guide the community towards a quality experience.
  • I will lead the role with honestly and desicion.

Very poetic.

If you've been mentioned in the post, expect a message soon.

I want my time as a councilor to be one that people do not look back upon with resentment.
Thanks to everyone who has been involved thus far, hope to continue working with you.

@biass said in Creative Councilor Intro / Roadmap / Discussion:

More creation related tournament host

I agree with this i would like to see a unit modelling torny

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

If reason is as reason does, it should than shall be reasonable for reason.

Good Job, Good Luck and Good Work.


I want to check up on my bookkeeping so i'm making an update.


  • The effective immediate items 1-3 are done
  • Item one, the discord update is 99% done.
    • The channel trimming, bot additions, and role changes are done
    • The preflighting concept is done
    • As an aside, the ladder team is properly intergrated into the server.
    • Only some intro text and the rebranding is left.
  • item two, the admin systems are 99% done
    • The admin log is done
    • All that remains is one item and both rulesets will be on the forum and done.
  • Asides:
    • Unit tourney was a success, probably will hold off on another over christmas unless there is interest.
    • Map one of two was released as Aalhaven, need to continue to bully FtX until he puts it in ladder.
    • Client Redesign is being worked on slowly.

Things that come next:

  • The Organization of Contributor Resources
    • Item three in the OP.
  • I want to start on another item that i'll dub the FAF Creative Palette

This involves the previously discussed idea of colour grading a number of existing props to allow for more enviroments within faf maps. Will make another thread.

  • The second map, a 20km naval 2v2.
  • The rest of the asides.

Things that come later:

  • The 3b Bounty Boarding system
  • Other stuff I might have forgotten.

That's it for now, place feedback in the usual places if required.