I bought Forged Alliance, but not on Steam. Can I still play on FAF?


Case 1: You own a retail copy of Forged Alliance

According to GPGs last statement, you can use your CD key and redeem a licence on Steam.

If you have a gold edition (Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance in one) you have two CD keys, and from my personal experience each of them can be redeemed for a gold edition on Steam. (-> so you could give one cd key to a friend 😉 )

If you refuse to use Steam in general, then you can't play. (Read more why we require Steam here.)

Case 2: You bough the game on GOG.com

Sorry, we do not support licence checking on GOG. We are in contact with GOG to resolve this issue.


Now that GOG has GOG-Link functional, and is being used by (for example) humble-bundle
Could it be implemented for FAF?


@Brutus5000 said in I bought Forged Alliance, but not on Steam. Can I still play on FAF?:

We are in contact with GOG to resolve this issue.

Can we hit them up again? and insist on using gog link?

Through GOG's poor judgement on this with trying to get square enix to say that FAF doesn't need any proof of purchase, they effectively punished the thousands of GOG supcom and supcom FA players for 9 months now, when these potential community members could have been enjoying FAF just like the steam key owners get to.


Hi, is GOG supported yet?


@ludac No GOG is not Supported. this Post will be updated once it is


Forged alliance from GOG works with FAF


@b1adam ...care to elaborate? a step-by-step video would be nice.
do you also own it on steam? because if so yes, of course that would work, FAF only needs 1 proof of purchase, not multiple, the game files themselves can come from anywhere. but that's not what the gamers on GOG will want, they will want to only purchase it on GOG and never have to use steam even once.


Recently I rebuild my laptop and installed this from GOG:

After that FAF client and run a coop and it worked without issue. There is nothing more to be done.
I can try to do instruction in coming week.


Did you reinstall the client or did you create an entirely new account? The former doesn’t require steamlink, the latter does.


The source of the game files doesn’t matter, what matters is verifying proof of purchase so that FAF will let you log in. This is currently only supported through linking your faf account to a steam account that owns a copy of supcom.