Steam account linked to another account

My steam account is link to another account.
Is it possible to clear the assigniation to relink my account to my current e-mail ?
The account name is "GeneralConnard" I haven't played the game in a while as you can see if you have data about last time I was connected

You should just log in using the already linked account and then change the email of that account.

We do not unlink accounts.

@sheikah The problem is that I don't remember the email that I linked it to

Reset password via Steam then change email

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The problem is that I don't remember the email, otherwise, ofcorse I would have reset the password

You can reset your password using your linked steam account, by logging into steam on the password reset page on the FAForever website.

You mean here ?

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@sheikah There is nothing to do about steam in password rest page.
I managed to connect to my account, I can play on it for now. But still don't remember on wich email is it linked so if I have a problem with it in the future, I won't be able to manage it with email šŸ˜•

You need to log out and the reset your password for the old account 6de1bc15-4246-4983-bc18-6aa4ffe6a25a-image.png

@sheikah I did so but, it don't unlink the steam account from it

You cannot unlink the account. You can only use the old account.

Once you log in with the old account you can change the email to one you have access to