Game Crash on "Create Game" Linux


When I create a custom game the launcher tries to start the game. But it crashes before opening 😞 I am on 5.10.68-1-MANJARO. Can you help me please?

I tried the release 1.6:


and 1.6Beta1:



Hi. I have no idea about linux but your game log shows:
"warning: Can't open lua file "Z:\home%USER%.faforever\bin..\Installed.Prefs"
warning: unable to load Installed.Prefs; using empty initial prefs"

so it seems you dont have a game.prefs file
Did you start the game once from steam?
If not, do so to create a game.prefs file (which safes your personal settings like resolution, hotkeys, templates and os on) and then try again on FAF


Sounds like a problem with wine. How are you running the game? From my experience proton 6.3 works pretty well, and it should be consistent across distros since it uses containers.


@amygdala Thank you for the reply, I did start the game before to create a profile. I started it once more to no avail.

@MazorNoob Thanks for the reassurance, wine is what I understand the least. I am using proton 6.3 from steam and installed wine, wine-mono, winetricks, protontricks 9420 dlls d3dx9 and protontricks 9420 dlls xact. Steam is not a flatpack.

I played two games some weeks ago under 1.4.7 with the lutris installer until it stopped working.

I reinstalled it with the help of tagedas video.
I had to use jdk15-adoptopenjdk

I launch the client with:

export INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-15-adoptopenjdk/

I will try reinstalling wine now.

Reinstalling wine wasn't enough. I will try reinstalling everything tomorrow but first I need some sleep.


I'd avoid installing stuff with winetricks unless you verified things don't work without it, sometimes overrides can make things worse. Try this:

  • Remove FA's wineprefix.
  • Run FA once through Steam to verify it runs and install whatever deps Steam usually adds. In case of issues use protondb, only use winetricks as a last resort.
  • Set launch command in FAF client as needed.


Thank you very much it works!
I removed FA's wineprefix from the location stated in the run file. Afterwards I uninstalled supcom from steam and removed wine, wine-mono and winetricks. I also removed everything from the FAF client, including the hidden files in ~/

I followed the guide from @Usling
and did not have to install winetricks or wine itself manually for supcom to start under Proton 6.3-7.

Afterwards I followed the guide from the wiki.

Last time I forgot to set the launch command in the FAF client, so that was a good hint of you and probably the reason why it did not work in the first place. I think that step is missing in tatsu's video or I missed it.

I am looking forward to play with you guys 😄